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Web Development

I'm a full stack web developer who has designed, coded, and launched software products ranging from basic Wix pages (like this one) to Shopify brand pages all the way to mobile apps and full stack websites. With backend, I have created apps with both Express/Nodejs/MongoDB and Python/Django/SQL. With frontend, the language I use is React. For design, I am well-versed in PhotoShop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Sketch, Blender, Invision, Excalidraw, QuickDB, and Trello. Have an idea for an app? Let's talk about it! And here's my Github.

sHeir — Divide Assets Evenly

sHeir is a platform that assists estate owners and asset managers in dividing assets evenly among heirs. Dividing estates can be stressful and contentious. sHeir offers a solution to this by offering a transparent way to divide the estate such that none of the beneficiaries exceeds their allotments, and so that each heir ends up with the things they want most.

3D Wrap — Unwrap Gifts Online

3D Wrap is a web platform that allows users to wrap and unwrap gifts online, in 3D. It's full-stack website, coded with a React frontend and a Nodejs/Express/MongoDB backend. It utilizes 3d-modeled resources that were created with Blender and animated using react-three-fiber.

Minesweeper — Classic Puzzle Game

I created the best Minesweeper game on the Internet using only JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. There are no popups or ads, and it uses Emojis for flags and mines. Love the game? This is your new home for it.

PoZo — Position-Specific Pillows

We've designed position-specific pillows, so you no longer have to shift around for a half-hour each night searching that perfect arrangement. With our pillows, side sleepers will never wake up with spaghetti arm, back sleepers will never wake up with a sore lower back, and stomach sleepers will never wake up with a stiff neck.

Accint — Foreign Language Conversation App

Accint is an iPhone app that connects language learners with native speakers for in person conversations. I came up with the idea because I was living in Washington, DC and wanted to practice my conversational French with native French people in the DC area rather than do subjunctive exercises in a classroom. To make it happen, I coded the app myself, created the branding, and marketed it to people in the DC area.

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