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By Philip Sopher — Newsletter

Once a week I write a short scene and email it out. The goal with the scenes is to transport readers to a place their imaginations have never visited before in around 300 words.

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By Philip Sopher — Podcast

The By Philip Sopher Podcast is an offshoot of the By Philip Sopher Newsletter. On the pod, I read stories that originally appeared in the newsletter, with the goal of taking listeners' imaginations to a new place in a short amount of time. Episodes are rarely longer than 10 minutes, which is good because very few people can remain intelligent for that long (I certainly can't).

Listen on Apple or Spotify and be sure to leave a 5-star review

The Doubles Alley — Tennis Podcast

The Doubles Alley is a tennis podcast that my brother Peter, my cousin Mark, and I record together. It's most active during Grand Slam events, with a pre-tournament draw analysis, a mid-week check-in, and a final recap once the fortnight is complete. The show's intention is to present well-considered tennis analysis in a light-spirited way.

Find us on iTunes or Spotify. Subscribe and be sure to leave a 5-star review.

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